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Key Features

Parental Controls
Enforce parental control settings youíve entered on Windows 7 to stop unwanted adult downloads, sites and more.

Private Browsing
Secure and private browsing history. You can change between private and public browsing modes quickly, so itís easy to go back to what you were doing before as if nothing ever happened. This is also a great feature if youíre doing your secure online banking on a shared computer or checking your email from an Internet cafe.

Faster Page Loading
A redesigned page rendering and layout engine means your Web pages load faster. This means less time looking at an egg-timer and more time browsing the web.

Password Manager
Choose to remember site passwords without pop-ups. You will see the remember password notification at the top of your website page.

Spell Checker
A built-in spell checker lets you enter text directly into Web pages without worrying about typos and misspellings. There's no need to go to a dictionary website when you have a spell checker built into your Firefox browser.

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