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Firefox Addons

What are Firefox Addons?

Mozilla Firefox Add-ons are free installable software that is like an extension to your current Firefox. This gives the user access to fully customize the functionality of their web browser.

An Addon file size is also normally very small, depending on what features it adds and can be installed in seconds. Some examples of an Addon include download accelerators, automatic copying of highlight text in a webpage, language translators for highlighted text, and dictionary lookups.

Mozilla Firefox Addons
  • Fully Customize your Firefox
  • Personalize to suit you
  • Addons are free to download

Firefox have all types of add-ons that give it many customizable options:

Extensions can add many new features to Firefox. Some extensions allow blocking ads, direct download video files, accelerate downloading and more.
Themes can alter the appearance of Firefox by including icons, colors and adding background images. Firefox themes can make your browser stand out from the rest.
Dictionaries & Language Packs add support for checking for spelling errors and support for many different default languages.
Plugins help Firefox to be more compatible with multimedia like Quicktime or Adobe Flash.

All add-ons are free of charge and can be downloaded from the official Mozilla Firefox homepage. They have a huge selection of Firefox Addons and can be found here.

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