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Google Chrome

Free Google Chrome Download

Google Chrome is a relatively new Web Browser, but is fast becoming the most popular . It's clean attractive interface is just one of the many features that makes Google Chrome a highly regarded free Web browser.

One of Google Chrome's many strengths is its application performance and JavaScript processing speed. There have been many browser speed test's in which Chrome excels above the other major browsers, like Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.

Google Chrome Download
  • Popular shortcut keys
  • Easy customization
  • Sync between different computers and mobile devices
  • Quickly Google Search from the address bar
  • High Security with built in malware and phishing protection

If you are thinking about changing from your current internet web browser, we highly recommend Google Chrome web browser.

Remember; You can always have more the one internet web browser installed on your computer and we actually recommend to have more than one installed. Having more than one browser installed, helps to diagnose possible internet browsing issues you may have with your ISP or your internal network.

Mozilla Firefox is another great free browser that we recommend.

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